CE LAND Holding Ingatlanhasznosító Kft.

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CE LAND asset manages local and internationally owned real estate portfolios in Hungary.
CE Land Holding Asset Management Ltd. (hereinafter: “Company” or “CE Land”) is the fastest developing real estate asset manager company on the Hungarian market. We have selected the best real estate and financial professionals in order to put together a young and dynamic expert team. Our team is coming up with creative yet financially sustainable solutions in order to answer the challenges of the current difficult market on behalf of our client.
The CE Land brand and first affiliate CE Land Hungary was founded in 2006 by Hungarian private investors and the current profile of real estate portfolio asset management was taken in 2011 by establishing CE Land Holding Asset management Ltd.. The group provided an outstanding grow in asset management since 2011 both from number of employees and managing asset value. The supervisory/management board is led by Mr. Csaba Széll ‘Managing Director’ and under his supervision Anita Molnár-Széll is the ‘Head of Operation and Finance’ and Zoltán Balla is the ‘Head of Asset Management’.
The Company has strong client structure of International Financial Institutes. CE Land manages EUR 370 mn total value asset to Unicredit Leasing within the board of Hungary since 2011 and 4 landmarks “A” category office buildings in Budapest in the total value of EUR 51.5 mn since 2012. The beside the above mentioned investors the Company proudly mention Erste Bank, MKB Bank, Falkensteiner Group and Valad Group as contracted clients of his in the frame of different types of contract from asset management via leasing management to sales and consultancy.

Marks & Spencer a Dexagon Irodaházban

Újabb bérlőt köszönthet a CE Land Holding Kft. által vagyonkezelt Dexagon Irodaház. A világ egyik piacvezető divatcége, a Marks & Spencer új magyarországi vállalati struktúra me... Elolvasom

Sikeres nyarat zárt a CE LAND

A CE LAND által vagyonkezelőt Duna Office Center bérlői között üdvözli a Huvita Európa Kft-t. Elolvasom

BREEAM minősítést szerzett a Duna Office Center

A CE LAND által vagyonkezelt harmadik generációs épület „Good” minősítést szerzett a BREEAM In-Use besorolási rendszerben. Elolvasom

Dátum Ingatlan Terület Bérlő
2015 Q1 Duna Tower Irodaház 1200 m2 nemzetközi IT cég
2012 Q4 Dexagon Irodaház 584 m2 ICT Európa Cégcsoport
2012 Q4 CityZen Irodaház 280 m2 Huvita Európa
2012 Q4 Dexagon Irodaház 580 m2 ICT Tenderház
CE LAND Holding Ingatlanhasznosító Kft.
Cím: 1138 Budapest
Népfürdő utca 22. Duna Tower C Torony, 3. em.
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