It’s time to relocate

There is a lot to consider when looking for the ideal location for your company. Many of us might be unfamiliar with the process of finding a new office, however, and therefore we should inquire about our possibilities in due time.

  • Surveying the market
  • Getting professional help
  • Agreement

16 months before moving

Surveying the market

After identifying the most important requirements the search should begin by a mapping of the current supply of offices. In the case of one-man or startup enterprises alternative office solutions can be considered as well. Once you know what you are looking for, you need to narrow your search by location in the first place.

Offices in Budapest Offices in countryside locations Serviced offices

Featured partner

Featured partner

12 months before moving

Getting professional help

If you have doubts or are short of time you may want to get professional help. Property advisor and tenant representative companies help you to find the right office, and efficiently represent your interests against the landlord.

Property advisors Project management companies Tenant representatives

3 months before moving


Before signing the lease contract it is important to understand all the terms and conditions, such as the amount of the security, the notice period, and the renewal terms. A lawyer will also be required for signing the contract.

law offices

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Found an office

The ideal office is comfortable, multifunctional, inspiring, and fits the image of the company, yet it is cost-effective and environment-friendly at the same time. Does it seem difficult? It isn’t. You only need to find the best partners for implementing your ideas. No ideas? That is not a problem either.

Derive inspiration and ideas from recent years’award winning offices!

  • Design, implementation
  • Fit-out, decoration
  • Moving

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2 months before moving

Design, implementation

Fitting out the interior space of the office is an important step in the relocation process, as it gives the new office its unique and final form. It is rewarding to involve your colleagues in the design phase, as this makes them feel much more enthusiastic about the new office. There are several experienced contractors also that can help you with the implementation.

Planning offices interior designers contractors Fit-out contractors mobile walls Suspended ceiling

1 month before moving

Fit-out, decoration

As to office fit-out, a balance between functionality and design should be found. Ergonomic furniture, sufficient lighting, and the plants providing an ideal climate are essential for a healthy working environment.

lighting plant decoration Office furniture Office carpet and floor Office equipment

Featured partner

Featured partner


Before moving, you should take stock of the reusable parts of your old office furniture and equipment, as this allows you to save significant amounts. It is also important to make arrangements for the compliant removal and disposal of any unnecessary materials.

mover companies archiving, filing Document shredding

Moving in

After having put the final touches to your new office, it’s time for the most exciting part: moving in. Its timing should be such as to cause the least possible interference with the usual course of work.

  • Water and coffee
  • Facility management

Water and coffee

Nowadays it is indispensable to have quality coffee and water available in the office, and it significantly contributes to the employees’ feeling of comfort. Choose from among professional and reliable suppliers!

office coffee solutions water dispensers

Featured partner

Featured partner

Facility management

Operating an office building is not an easy task. Facility management companies provide professional and complex services; you can rely on them in technical maintenance, building management, fire prevention, cleaning, and park maintenance matters.

Facility management companies cleaning companies Fleet Solutions
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